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Wedding Etiquette: Wedding Day Gift For My Spouse?


I know that typically a bride and groom give gifts to each other on their wedding day, but my husband and I really don't want to exchange gifts. We're already spending a ton on the wedding and really have everything we need. Do we have to follow this tradition?

The great thing about wedding traditions is that you get to make them up for your wedding! This includes incorporating or cutting out established wedding traditions and creating a few of your own. There's no rule that says that you need to spend a lot of money to buy a gift for your spouse on your wedding day. For some couples, buying wedding rings for each other is enough. Just make sure you are both on the same page beforehand (i.e. Husbands, make sure your wives are truly okay without getting a wedding gift). And if you do decide to forego wedding gifts, we highly suggest exchanging sentimental cards or love letters. It will keep you in touch with the real purpose of the day and leave you with a nice wedding day memento-- without breaking the bank.

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