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Picture Perfect Timing


Talk about picture perfect timing! Patrick Lu was just out for a late-night bike ride when he spotted Joel Bush proposing to his girlfriend Jennifer Orr at a park in Austin. To him, they were strangers, but he grabbed his camera anyway and ended up capturing their sweet moment perfectly. That's the best proposal souvenir ever-- except for the ring, of course!




Not Just Another Flash Mob Proposal

Need a good cry? Then look no further than the clip below. We know this is the 1,000,000th flash mob proposal you've watched but this one is really something special. Why? Well for starters it's the first lip sync flash mob proposal we've seen. And then the couple is just so darn down-to-earth and lovable. Oh flash mob proposals, you got me again!


The Ride Of A Lifetime


What a fun way to propose! This guy got a little help from his friends to pull off this proposal. He and his buddies brought the signs out just for the on-ride camera and then put the signs away before the unsuspecting bride-to-be could see them. When they got off the ride and passed the photo displays, this photo was waiting for her. She said yes. And of course, they coughed up the money for the overpriced ride photo which, in this case, was well worth it. Proposal WIN, my friend!


I Propose... An Adorable Flash Mob

Have you seen this clip yet? If you haven't you need to watch it stat! Oh, and I dare you to try to get through it without shedding a tear-- it's impossible! This is, by far, the sweetest, most adorable proposal I've ever seen in my life (personal sidenote: I may sometimes watch this clip over and over on repeat when my husband is out. Don't judge.). Anyway, I don't want to ruin it for you but let's just say it involves a sweet young couple in love, Walt Disney World, a ring, and some serious dancing skills. Got your tissues handy?? You're gonna need 'em....