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DOs and DON'Ts for Snap-Happy Wedding Guests


Nowadays, it seems anyone with an iPhone thinks they're a professional photographer. And while we would normally encourage you all to get down with your Instagramming selves, we've got to lay down some rules when it comes to weddings. If you're headed to a wedding this summer, you need to read our rules... and remember to follow them!

DO check with the bride or groom beforehand to make sure it's okay to be snapping pics during the event. Some couples would really prefer that their guests be fully present at the wedding, rather than focused on getting juuuust the right photo.

DO remember to switch your camera or iPhone sound settings to silent. That includes turning off all clicks, beeps, shutter snaps, and other annoying sound effects. It's rude to interrupt the quiet, special moments of a wedding day with your noisy device.

DO try to capture the little moments that make a wedding day sweet. Snap a pic of the groom whispering in his new bride's ear over dinner, or the flower girl dancing with her daddy, or grandma congratulating her newly-married grandaughter. The happy couple will enjoy seeing these sweet snapshots that the pro photographer may not catch.

 That said...

DON'T get in the way of the professional photographers. Chances are the couple handpicked their photographer and paid a hefty sum for them to document the day. We don't care if you have a new DSLR camera. The best way for you to help is by leaving it to the professionals-- and staying out of their way!

DONT stand up during the ceremony to snap a pic. The people behind you will not appreciate it. Obviously, this extends to standing up and getting out of your seat to get a better photo. It is not your job to stand in the aisle to get the pic of the bride walking down the aisle. Please, just sit down!

DON'T post pics to social media without checking with the couple first. Many couples like to be the first ones to share pics of them on their wedding day. Don't beat them to the punch!

DON'T post or share bad or unflattering pics of the bride or groom. If you catch a shot of the bride mid-blink or the groom with spinach in his teeth, do your friends a favor and hit the delete button! And don't even think about putting it on Facebook. Seriously.


Polaroids, Please!


Here's a way to ensure you get all your guests' smiling faces on film- have them snap a polaroid of themselves before they're seated. The upside to choosing this time for pics is that (most likely) people will still be sober and your pictures will be cute. The downside to choosing this time to take pics is that (most likely) people will still be sober and you won't have any blackmail funny pictures of them...which is why I sort of like the photobooth idea inside the reception room with props. Once people get drinking, you start getting some great pics. :)


Wedding Pictures Gone Wrong


If you need some comic relief, you'd better take a peek at these wedding pictures gone wrong. They are hysterical and remind us once again that photos last forever, which is not always a good thing. :) It makes me wonder- for brides who have already walked down the aisle, do you have any "wedding pictures gone wrong"? I looked through my wedding photos and I think my photographer must've spared me because the only oops I could find was a lone bobby pin hanging off the ends of my hair that I had forgotten to take out when I changed into my reception dress. If that's the worst of it, I think I'm doing okay! Check out more wedding pictures gone wrong here.


Capturing the Chill


It goes without saying that we here at Jetting to the Wedding love weddings. Duh! And so, of course, we love wedding photos. But we've seen some photos that go too far-- you know, the ones that look too cheesy, too contrived, too inauthentic for the particular couple getting married. That's why we love this photo. It just seems so natural. I feel like this wedding party is just hanging out, having a good time in their fancy pants  wedding get-ups. And the sun glasses?? Cherry on top! We give this couple two thumbs up for keeping things chill. LOVE!


Engagement Hearts



Here's a super cute photo idea for you engaged couples out there (or it could work on the wedding day, too!). There are only so many hand shots you can do in an engagement shoot to highlight the ring and it's nice to take a step away from that and highlight the love in a hand shot. I love the way the lighting works in this picture, almost illuminating their hands. Just beautiful.


The Heart of the Matter


I really love this picture idea! It's so unique and captures the true spirit of the day, doesn't it? Photographers often come with their own ideas of what they want to do, and it's probably best to leave the creativity to the professionals- after all, you already have a lot on your plate to figure out...but I might make an exception here and be sure this is a shot you get! 


Trash the Dress: Paddle Boarding



What a gorgeous picture, eh? It's a trash the dress sesh, which is awesome by the way, and it's so symbolic- paddling into the future. Great idea for destination beach brides! 


Photography: A Cute Idea



Yet another reason why I love props for wedding photos. Mustaches, sunglasses, funny hats with helicopter propellers on top, the list is really endless. Adding to the list the latest and greatest prop: an empty frame. Bonus points if it has  black laquored paint on it like pictured here, although to be honest, a distressed frame would be awesome too. Great idea, right?


Cake Topper Photos


Here's a fun idea for a photo opp: Pose like a wedding cake topper. It's easy to recreate. Arms down, rigid body, straight face. Because you can't take yourselves seriously all day...!