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Getting Crafty With Destination Maps


Here's a cute and easy way to customize wedding favor boxes for your destination wedding. Just get in touch with the local Tourism Bureau where you're getting married and ask them to send you some maps. They'll do it. Then, just wrap your favor boxes (or bridesmaid gift boxes, or wedding card box, or really any other kind of box you can think of!) with the map as you would use normal wrapping paper. Then, just some ribbon around that shiz and call yourself Martha! Boom! Wedding crafts for the not-so-crafty!

P.S. Don't forget there are plenty more DIY map projects on our site! Obviously.


Favor Idea: Soundtrack to your Romance



Tired of yogurt covered almonds and shot glasses as wedding favors? Check out this idea- your very own soundtrack! You could do this a number of different ways: choose songs that are meaningful to you and your love, or choose party songs to remind people of the reception. You could choose songs from the years you and your love were born- the options really are endless which means you can customize it to fit your personality and wedding vibe. Here are some more blogs we've done about wedding songs to help get you started: 

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A Fresh Take On Favors


Only Martha Stewart would come up with an idea this sweet! It's a simple and tasty wedding favor consisting of a basket of fresh berries and scones. And unlike the typical wedding favor that gets left behind or thrown away, we guarantee the only thing getting left behind with this favor will be crumbs. Then again, maybe not.


Showered In Lavender 


Now here's a favor that pulls its weight: lavender seeds. It's one part beautifully-packaged wedding favor, one part rice-throwing alternative, and one part delicious-smelling potpourri. Your eco-conscious wedding guests will be glad you picked such a good-for-the-environment favor. And your husband will be impressed at how easy-on-the-wallet they are. Oh, and did we mention that the smell of lavender calms the nerves?? We're thinking that's something a bride might appreciate on her wedding day!


DIY Project: Heart Shaped Rice Krispie Treats

Finding the perfect wedding favors can be a daunting task. You want something that speaks to you and your new spouse, but you don't want to $pend too much! This is a really sweet DIY idea: heart shaped rice krispie treats with a personalized label. All you do is make up a batch of rice krispies, use a heart shaped cookie cutter to cut them, and put them in a cellophane bag with a personalized label. Adorable and delicious! Click here for step-by-step instructions.

An Eyeful of Pretty 


Here's a bright idea: Liven up your wedding tables with these potted plants! These eye-catching plants are part of the "Succulents" family and I just love the combined look of all of them together. It creates a visually stimulating but decidedly feminine table landscape! Available on etsy in sizes perfect for favors and centerpieces.


Calling All Players


Here's an idea for all you card sharks out there: personalized wedding playing cards. Playing cards with a personalized wedding logo are a sure bet to use as favors or include in out-of-town bags. They can even be used during your wedding weekend for some fun and games. How about a Texas Hold 'Em Tournament for the Groomsmen or a night of drinking games with your best girlfriends? And while traditional favors often get left behind or thrown away, playing cards are likely to stick around for a while and actually get used. You're sure to get a kick out of seeing your wedding cards in your friends' homes for years to come!


Wedding Favors To Go


 Not sure what it is about these Chinese take-out box wedding favors, but we're just in love with them! It's such a fun way to make your wedding favors stand out. We also love how easy it is to personalize them. You can order them with a design already printed on them (see above) or you can order plain ones and embellish them yourself. Just get yourself a little bit of ribbon, a roll of stickers displaying your personalized wedding logo, your best girlfriends, and a nice bottle of wine. You'll have adorable favors in no time!


M&Mmmmm Good


Want a wedding favor that will melt in your mouth and add some color to the table? Order customized M&M's to use as favors or table decoration. M&M's now offers a few different ways to fit M&M's into your wedding design scheme. One option is to choose M&M colors to match your wedding color scheme. M&M's offers 25 different colors so you'll be sure to find a few colors that complement your color scheme well. Or you could take it a step further and  create personalized M&Ms with your names, wedding date, or even a picture! Throw those bad boys into a cute container and you'll be good to go. What a great way to sweeten up your wedding!

P.S. Our Favorite Favors along with A Fresh Take On Favors


Our Favorite Favors

Wedding favors are a great opportunity to let your guests know you are glad they came to your wedding. But don't feel like you have to spend a ton of money on your favors-- your guests aren't expecting anything extravagant. Favors are meant to be token gesture of gratitude and goodwill. And a lot of favors get left behind anyway. So here are some of our favorite ideas for fun and inexpensive favors.


1. Luggage Tags


They're so fitting for a destination wedding. They're small (and packable). They're inexpensive. And they can double as table assignments. Win. Win. Win. Win.


2. Local crafts


Visit a local craft market to buy destination-specific favors. Maracas for Mexico. A straw fan for the Caribbean. Maple syrup for Canada. Your guests will love to bring home an authentic souvenir from your destination!


3. Donations


Another favor option that is becoming more common these days is to make a donation to a charity on your guests' behalf. Depending on which charity you choose, they may even give you cute little cards that let your guests know that you've made the donation. Donation favors are the gifts that keep on giving and everyone will feel good about that!

P.S. Don't forget favors For the Kids