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Blast From The Past Envelopes


Don't you just adore the way the postage stamps give these wedding invitations an old-timey vintage feel? It's really a brilliant idea because you have to pay for postage anyway (duh!) and you can find old, unused stamps through the USPS.com or Bidstart.com and it dresses up the envelopes big time. Two birds. One stone. Look at that!


Brides Of A Feather

Get in touch with your avian side by incorporating the hottest new trend of 2012 on your wedding day. Of course we're talking about feathers. Soft, sexy, whimsical feathers! Here's how to do it:


Start with a swan-inspired wedding gown...


...add on a feathery headpiece...


 ...toss the flower idea and grab a bouquet of feathers...


...throw a matching boutonniere on the boys...


...and don't forget your sexy party dress for the reception.



Le Seafoam Rosette


We are loving these rosette statement necklaces. They're the perfect accent piece for brides-- and bridesmaids-- and they're available in the color of the season: seafoam green. Love! Thanks again, Etsy!


Fun With Letters


I love when couples really put their own spin on the little details. It makes the wedding just a little more personalized and authentic to them. If you're avid scrabble players, something like the above would be so sweet. So put your thinking caps on and don't be afraid to get creative! The end result will be worth it.


Memory Tables


On your wedding day, there are many ways to honor loved ones who have passed away. One idea that we like is a memory table. This is a table displayed at the ceremony, cocktail hour or reception where you can pay tribute to these people. You can use flowers, photos, candles and poems to decorate. We recommend keeping the table simple to ensure that the mood stays upbeat while simultaneously acknowledging the loved ones. Here are a few photos to inspire you: 





Destination Wedding Villas

The problem with having your destination wedding at a resorts is that you'll have to share the space with lots of other vacationers...and possibly other brides and their destination weddings. Keep your ceremony and reception super private by renting out an entire villa for your entourage! Check out VRBO (vacation rentals by owner) to find a residence that would be perfect for your special day. Here are a couple reasons why we love this idea: 

-It is cost effective. 

-The entire property will be yours and yours alone. 

-You'll be able to spend more quality time with guests.

-You can choose a villa that suits your needs. 

-With everyone staying under one roof, your guests will get to know each other quickly!


We found this gorgeous villa in Mexico that sleeps 24: 


Or this beauty in the French Quarter of New Orleans that sleeps up to 38....

Or this stunning Maui residence that sleeps up to 32...

What do you think? Would you consider this as an option?


Sensational Seating

Traditionally, couples have used seating cards to let guests know where they'd be seated for the reception. These days, however, many spouses-to-be are mixing it up a bit to let more of their personality shine through. If you're not down with printing 100 or so little seating cards (and believe us, this will be the time that your printer decides to be low on ink, continually jam paper and then spontaneously combust), consider creating your own seating chart.

A few words of wisdom when designing your own seating chart:

-Do check (and then double check) the spelling of everyone's names. You don't want to offend your great aunt Girtroode Gertrude.

-Do have extra materials just in case. DIY is all about trial and error...and trial again!

-Do have a way to present it that is appropriate for the style of your wedding. We're talking frames, stands, or ripped edges.

-Do get creative to incorporate your wedding theme. Having a beach wedding? Consider a seashell seating chart display.

Check out these fabulous seating displays for inspiration:

Alphabetized Poster: Simple and elegant.


Periodic Table Seating Chart: Perfect for a wedding heavy on the geekery held at a science museum.



Chalkboard Seating Chart: Eco-friendly all day long!



Save The Date Videos

Looking for an alternative to a Save The Date card? Why not do a Save The Date VIDEO?! This is a sure way to psych people up for your big day! It is a big task, but it is a great do it yourself project that you two can do as a couple and we've got some advice to get you started:

-Do personalize it. Sing & dance in the street if that is who you are, or act out your story as a couple and give the save the date info in the "credits". Get creative!

-Do allot an entire day (or two!) for filming. You will need to do a few takes of each "scene" for sure.

-Do allot an entire day (or two!) for editing. You want to give your guests a great final product. Take your time in editing.

-Do keep it under 5 minutes. Short and sweet!

-Do use a tripod! You don't want guests feeling dizzy watching a shaky video.

-Do give pertinent information Answer the questions: Who? What? Where? When?


Need some inspiration? Here are a couple we love:


Save the Date from Alix & Ollie on Vimeo.

Save the Date from Anders Sandell on Vimeo.


DIY Project: Hot Chocolate Welcome Bags

Setting: Ski Resort. Your guests arrive, trickling in from the cold. They check in and are greeted with a lovely welcome letter, a hot chocolate welcome bag and two little mugs from you and your spouse-to-be. Instant bag of happiness! Here's how to make said bag of happiness: 

You will need: Marshmallows, Hot Chocolate, Sprinkles, Treat bags, Scissors and Ribbon

1. The first thing you'll need to do is take one of the treat bags and carefully fill the bottom third with hot chocolate. If you get hot chocolate powder on the side of the cellophane it will stick and not look so hot. If this happens, just take your (washed) hands and wipe it away. 

2. Then, add a thick layer of sprinkles and marshmallows. Be mindful not to jerk the bag around, as it may cause the contents to shift and mix up.

3. Tie it up with a ribbon of your choice. Drink, and be married!


Urban Inspiration

When it comes to taking photos on your big day, look around and get inspired by elements nearby. These couples were inspired by graffiti and words around them. We love how they used their environment to create great photos.