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Safety First! The State Department Has Your Back


As much fun as they are to plan (and attend!), destination weddings aren't all lace and butterflies and fondant. There's some serious stuff to think about too. Like safety. If you're thinking of getting married abroad, don't forget to check with the U.S. State Department to make sure the country you're planning to wed in is safe enough to visit. The State Department Travel website allows you to look up country-specific information to determine what kind of crime (if any) you can expect and whether the State Department has issued any warnings for U.S. travelers. It's a great, easy-to-use website that's definitely worth a visit during your destination wedding brainstorming and planning processes. You don't want to be putting friends, family, or yourself in harm's way!


Travel Tips: Melatonin

For the constant traveler or the honeymooners just getting away for a few days, melatonin is the key to saving your sanity...errrr, I mean dealing with jet lag. It's all natural, has no side effects that I've felt, and works like a charm. I prefer this brand, but there are many others, and you can try them out yourself at the drug store. Do note that this is for occasional sleeplessness and not to be taken every night. Hope it helps you slumber! 


6 Tips for Staying Safe While Traveling


1. Email yourself before you go. No, I don't mean a paragraph asking about the weather, but rather, the important documents. Email a scan of your passport number, of your ticket, and your hotel reservations. In case your important docs are stolen, you'll have quick and easy access to them.

2. Get medical insurance. Yes, this is a pain. No, you won't regret it. Here is a chart that compares different policies. 

3. Learn some phrases. Commit to learning some basics: hello, goodbye, please, thank you, where's the bathroom, sorry- my __________ (language of the destination) isn't good, do you speak English? These few phrases will earn you some respect and street cred from locals. 

4. Note the street vendor's lines. Many countries have phenomenal street vendors selling some of the best local foods. You shouldn't worry about getting sick so long as you remember one important rule: Note the lines. If there's a long line, then it's a reputable (and probably safe!) food vendor. If there's no line, keep it movin'!

5. Bring a first aid kit. Band aids, rubbing alcohol, mini scissors, antihystemine cream and ibprofen should all be in your kit.

6. Check the dress code. If you're planning to venture away from your hotel or resort, be sure to check out what people wear in the country you're visiting. For example, in Thailand, it is customary to wear something that covers the knees and shoulders if you're going into a temple. 


One More Thing to Make Our Lives Easier


I'm a little bit in love with these travel laundry detergent sheets. They are going to make any honeymooner or destination bride supremely happy. No more worries about stains while you're away from home. You can whip one of these out, throw the soiled clothing in the sink and scrub away. The laundry sheet dissolves in water, is biodegradable and is carry-on compliant. One more thing to make our lives easier and I can't complain about that! Click on the source link for more information.


Vegas Bachelorettes

On the heels of yesterday's post, I'd like to take a moment to contemplate what a Vegas bachelorette party might be like. You know, for all those brides-to-be who would rather take a girl's trip than have a penis-filled fiesta. I went to Vegas with my husband, but if I had gone with my bridesmaids, I would've....

- asked them to go on the roller coaster around the New York New York hotel,

-admired the architecture shopped,

-taken a ride on the gondola, and by all means, avoided the masses at all costs:





Traveling With Make Up

When you travel, the last thing you want to do is package all your daily lotions and potions in baggies and hope they don't spill or get lost in transit. One of the things I've been doing for years is saving the samples I get from Sephora and taking those on vacation in lieu of my regulars. Most of you know you get three free samples with every Sephora order, but did you know you can also go into any Sephora store and ask for whichever sample you'd like? Pictured here I've got Pureology's shampoo and conditioner, Clean Warm Cotton perfume (I've never tried it, but it sounds like I'll be smelling like clean laundry), Bare Minerals volumizing mascara, mineral veil and bronzer.

For eye shadows, I like to take palates. They're easy to transport, and usually include a mirror and a brush so you don't have anything extra to pack. This is Urban Decay's Naked palate. It is a palate of twelve neutrals that makes it easy to transition from day to night. How do you travel with make up?


Carry On Essentials


I'm packing for vacation and while I will definitely check a bag, I will carry on the essentials in the off chance that my luggage gets lost. (It's a direct flight, but stranger things have happened!) I'm headed to Las Vegas, so I'll be taking a cover up and bathing suit along with my fedora and sunglasses so I can at least be poolside comfortably. For the flight, I'll take my current (and fascinating!) read called Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, headphones for my iPhone and a cozy lightweight cardigan. What do you pack in your carry on?


Travel Made Easier

Traveling to your wedding destination can be a trying time- especially if you're on a long flight. Here are some ideas to keep your travel experience positive: 


1. Music

Create a few playlists for your trip. Create a slow, calming song set; a set that pumps you up for your trip; and one of all your favorites put together. Weddings (and travel) can bring about a flood of emotion, so being able to slip on your headphones and enjoy the ride is key.


2. Reading

We love a good read! Bring along a new book, and old favorite, or some magazines to pass the time.


3. Sleeping

You will definitely want to get some beauty rest on a long flight. We like to bring our own travel pillow and blanket!

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