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Underwater Photo Whimsy

 Forget "trash the dress"-- perhaps we should be calling this one "drench the dress!" This underwater shoot is such a creative way to expand on the original trash the dress concept. It captures the romantic, ethereal nature of water. The couple's weightlessness, combined with the billowing fabric, create one-of-a-kind magical keepsake pictures. Interested? Start holding your breath... now!




Trash the Dress: Paddle Boarding



What a gorgeous picture, eh? It's a trash the dress sesh, which is awesome by the way, and it's so symbolic- paddling into the future. Great idea for destination beach brides! 


6 Ways to Reuse Your Wedding Dress


Your big day has come and gone. The gown that you so cherished on your wedding day is likely sitting in a box collecting dust in the back of your closet. Let's change that scenario with these fun ways to get some extra use out of your wedding dress:

1. Dye it

Who says you can't wear it again? For you brides who are just dying to wear your dress again, usually a little dye job is all it takes to give your dress a whole new sassy look perfect for a night out on the town. Depending on the original length of the dress, you may also want to hem it to knee-length to give it a less formal, more cocktail feel. Find out how to do it here.

 2. Donate it

There are a few different charity organizations who will sell your dress for a worthy cause. One such organization is Brides Against Breast Cancer, which takes your gently used wedding dress and sells it to a bride in need. The proceeds of the sale are then used to grant a wish to a terminally ill breast cancer patient. Trust us, that'll make you feel a whole lot better than letting your dress collect dust in your attic. Now that's what I call a win-win!

3. Sell it

If you're pretty sure you won't be wearing your beloved dress again, why not give it a second life by selling it to another bride who will be able to wear it on her wedding day? There are a few sites out there that make it easy for dress buyers and sellers to find each other and negotiate a decent price for a gently used dress. Check out OnceWed or Recycled Bride to get started. And use the money you make to buy yourself an extravagant pair of shoes. You won't regret it!

4. Transform it

Perhaps the most traditional re-use of a wedding gown is to use the material to create a christening gown for your baby. If you're a daring do-it-yourselfer, you can use these step-by-step instructions to transform your gown into a beautiful heirloom for your baby's special day. Otherwise, find a competent seamstress to tackle this project for you.

5. Trash it

One way to get some extra use out of your wedding dress is to do a trash the dress photo session after your wedding. A trash the dress shoot allows you to get down and dirty to get the kinds of wedding shots you wouldn't dare attempt on your wedding day. We're talking rolling around in paint, dust, dirt, water, etc. Taking this approach with your dress allows you to get some really amazing shots-- and feel like you got more use from your dress than the eight hours on your wedding day.

6. Bequeath it

While the idea of saving your wedding dress for your daughter to wear is nice in theory, the reality is that what's "in" now is pretty unlikely to be "in" in 20 or 30 years. Instead, find a more subtle way to incorporate your dress into your children's weddings. Consider using your fabric to create a bouquet holder, a ring bearer pillow, or even a garter. Your children are likely to appreciate this meaningful heirloom addition to their wedding!


Trash the Dress

A typical bride spends years fantasizing over her dream wedding dress. She spends months visiting every bridal boutique within a four-hour drive in search of 'the one.' And when she finds it, she often spends thousands of dollars to make it hers. But when her wedding day finally arrives, she usually wears her wedding dress for less than 10 hours. TOTAL!

More and more brides are beginning to realize the sheer insanity of spending so much time, energy and money on a dress that they will wear for half a day. So they do what any other level-headed gal would do-- they trash their dress! The 'Trash the Dress' session is becoming a popular event in which the couple goes out with their photographer after the wedding day and takes all of the pictures they couldn't take on their wedding day for fear of getting their wedding duds dirty. And we're talking dirty. Really dirty. D-I-R-T-Y.


Dirty like rolling around on a beach.


Dirty like lying on a city street.


Dirty like slathering each other with paint.



Seriously dirty. They call it 'Trash the Dress' because your dress is often trashed by the end of it. Just the idea of wrecking a beautiful wedding dress sends some women running in horror. But others find it liberating to trash every last penny out of their dress. What do you think? Love the idea or hate it? Will your wedding dress be trashed in the name of some truly unique wedding pics or will it stay well-preserved in a dusty box in the attic?

 P.S. Something Borrowed, Something Lewd