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Say iDo with your iPod


Looking for a way to cut down costs at your destination wedding? How about bringing the band with you? And by 'bringing the band' I mean bringing your iPod, of course! This is a great way to shave a little bit of moolah off of your budget and have complete control over your music at the same time.

All it takes is an iPod (duh!) and a night or two of playlist making before your wedding with your hubby-to-be. And it comes with the guarantee that you will not face the horror of hearing "The Electric Slide" come on even after you explicitly placed it on your 'do not play' list. But there are a few things you should do to make sure that your iPod reception goes off without a hitch.

Check with the resort to make sure they have some sort of amplifier or iPod dock for you to use. Many places charge a fee for this so be sure to ask ahead of time. If they don't have anything for you to use, consider bringing a high-quality iPod dock with you-- just test it to be sure it will be loud enough to keep the party rocking all night long.

Some couples hesitate to dismiss the DJ in favor of the iPod because they're worried they won't have anyone to announce them or direct the flow of the evening. Again, you can call in a friend to help you with this one. Have a dear friend who is fun, outgoing, and loves to hear them self talk? DONE. Ask them to help you out by emceeing the night.

We also think it's a good idea to give someone the important task of DJing the iPod. Yes, you'll have your playlists all set up ahead of time but you'll still need someone to be there to make sure the music matches the mood. And trust us, this should NOT be the bride or groom. Never. Ever. Your job is to rock out with your iPod out... all night long!




Say, "Cheese!"



Want to add a unique element to your wedding reception? Rent a photo booth and let your guests have at it! The priceless pictures will not only serve as awesome entertainment, but they will also be fantastic favors to take home. You and your guests are sure to capture memories that will last a lifetime! 

P.S. A great Photography Idea!


Bling Your Napkins



Add a little sparkle to your table setting by using diamond ring napkin holders! Perfect for the bride who loves to pile on the bling, these napkin holders are simple, yet make a bold statement. Even better, they are currently for sale at a discount from Oriental Trading!

P.S. Don't forget some Bouquet Bling


Dramatic Decor

Torn between a few decor ideas? Narrow them down to three themes and do it up! With weddings, you generally have three spaces to decorate: the ceremony location, the cocktail hour space, and the reception room. Think of each as a blank canvas and let the creative juices flow. 


Ceremony Space with Drama:



Cocktail Hour:


Dramatic Reception:


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For the Kids


Choosing to have children attend your wedding is entirely up to you. If you decide to invite children, there are a number of ways to make the wedding extra special for them (and ensure they stay quiet during moments like the speeches). Consider having a side table just for the kids. Stock the table with bubbles, kid friendly snacks, coloring books and crayons and let them enjoy their own little space while the grown ups do grown up things. 

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Wedding Wonderland

We believe your wedding should be a reflection of who you are as a couple. If you are a fun-loving couple, we love the idea of putting a twist on the traditional wedding and giving it an unexpected, yet classy theme. Since so much detail goes into a wedding, there are many places to add elements of your theme to make it a different and fun experience, yet maintain the reverence of the big day.


We love the Alice in Wonderland Theme because it is magical and classic. Here are some ideas:

1. Awesome Invites


2. Magical Venue


We love this venue in Charleston, South Carolina! Look at the gardens! Who says you have to leave the country for a destination wedding? 

3. Crazy Wedding Cake


4. Great Sign-age


Put the "eat me" sticks in cupcakes or appetizers. You could customize various signs throughout your venue-

Drive Me: Sign on the road of your venue.

Read Me: On your programs.

Write Me: Sign next to your guest book.

Drink Me: Attached to the welcome drink at cocktail hour.

Use Me: Sign on the soap in the washrooms. 


5. Top Hats


Gather a bunch of funky top hats, and rent a polaroid camera. Have guests take pictures and insert them into your guest book (see previous post for a great retailer).

6. Croquet


What do you think? Will you have a themed wedding?

P.S. Wild West Themed Wedding


Luminous Lanterns



We love the dreamy, romantic look of paper lanterns. These glowing orbs of warm light can really brighten up your reception. They are classic-looking, easy to set up, and inexpensive. And you can buy tiny LED lights for them so they are a great travel-friendly option. Get them here!

P.S.  Dramatic Decor and Wedding Wonderland


Making Your Mark


The reception is the perfect place to start using your new name, so why not put it on the beverage napkins?! Not taking his name? No problem! Put your wedding date on the napkins! The small detail adds a personalized touch to the night! Click on the source link for more information.

P.S. Rock The Wedding


Wow Factor: Uplighting


If you can dream it, we can help you do it! Want to create a special ambiance for your reception? Lighting can help you achieve that atmosphere! From reds to purples to ice blues, uplighting options are infinite. You can have them stay the same color all night, or pulsate with the beats of your tunes! This is the biggest party you'll ever throw, so dream big!

P.S. Dramatic Decor and Luminous Lanterns


First Dance Songs


Not sure what song to pick for your first dance? Peruse this list for some ideas to get you started.


In My Life- The Beatles

Come Away With Me- Norah Jones

The Way You Look Tonight- Frank Sinatra

Love- Nat King Cole

When You Kiss Me- Shania Twain

Unforgettable- Nat King Cole

Everything- Michael Bouble

Book Of Love- Peter Gabrial

Playground Love- Air

All I Want Is You- Barry Louis Polisar

You Can Make It If You Try- Sly & The Family Stone

Fade Into You- Mazzy Star

Love and Happiness- Al Green

Waterloo Sunset- The Kinks

P.S. Non-Traditional Songs for Walking Down the Aisle