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His and Hers Wedding Bands


It used to be the case that couples picked out matching his and hers wedding bands to commemorate their big day. But in the last couples of decades, there has been a break in that tradition with more and more couples choosing totally different rings. Now we're starting to see a shift back into the old-fashioned simplicity that is matching wedding bands and we just can't get enough! We really love this trend. But of course there can be a few challenges that come with picking out a ring that both people will be happy to wear. If you're thinking of getting matching wedding bands, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

Does it work with my engagement ring?

If you will be wearing an engagement ring with your band, be sure that whatever bands you pick look good with your engagement ring. Your band doesn't need to match your engagement perfectly but they it should complement the style and color well.

Does the band size work for both of us?

Remember that women's fingers are usually smaller than men's fingers and a thick band might overwhelm a woman's hand. If you have trouble finding a size that works for both of you, try to find bands that match in style but come in different thicknesses.

Are we both okay with bling on our rings?

Since some of those matching band sets out there come with a lot of diamonds and other bling on them, be sure to check with your partner to make sure you two are on the same page with the bling factor. You may find that your partner wants a plain band while you can't take your eyes off of those pavé bands.

Ring shopping is so much fun! Just remember to communicate and listen to your partner. Happy browsing!



Armbands for All

Think Cleopatra is the only one who can pull off an armband? Think again! We think this look can compliment any sleeveless wedding dress. Here are a few we love:


For a Greek-inspired look:



For a romantic fairy sort of look:



For funky brides who aren't afraid to make a bold statement:


P.S. A Golden Snake Around Your Neck


Heart Hoops

Here is a playfully sweet gift for the girls on your big day. While they're a twist on traditional hoops, don't get it twisted- these heart-shaped babies are no second class pair of earrings. Available in 14k rose gold and sterling silver, these handmade earrings will make a great gift the bridesmaids can wear again and again. 


P.S. Not Just for the Boys


Belly Bling

Back in the day, any non-ear piercings instantly identified you as an 'alterative' type. But nowadays it seems like every other 20-something gal has a belly ring. So what's a pierced bride to do at her destination wedding?? Well, why not put some bling in there? These cute little accessories will make you stand out-- especially if you're getting to be sporting a bikini during the wedding festivities. Here are some of our favorites:

You could go with pearl...



...or real diamonds...




...or pick a color to match your wedding decor.



Who says your fingers get to have all the fun?

P.S. A Minimalist Take on Bling


Gifts for the Girls


One of the best things about a wedding is that it celebrates love and friendship. A great bridesmaid gift is something that reflects the love and friendship between the bride and each of her bridesmaids. Why not create jewelry for the girls who will stand by your side on the big day? You could create an individual piece for each girl that would reflect her style, yet the pieces could have similar beads to stay with a cohesive look for the bridal party. Many cities have bead stores that provide free studio space and the use of their tools. Simply buy the beads and wire at the store and the designers who work there will be happy to help you create beautiful pieces for your wedding day! A meaningful gift that you bridesmaids are sure to love!

P.S. Not Just for the Boys


Make A Statement

Today's modern brides are going bold with accessories. We love this look- especially when the dress is kept simple. This keeps the look timeless. The simpler the dress, the bolder the accessories can be!


Consider a statement necklace such as these: 


The perfect mix of metal and crystals to channel the inner rock and roll bride in you!


Subtle yet bold bling - how can that be?! Perfection.


Or, keep your decolletage free of jewels and focus on your wrist by donning something bold:


Pearls never go out of style, and in this cuff you get a modern twist!


Who says you have to stick to neutrals? This is YOUR day, so take the opportunity to do it YOUR way. Want to have a little pop of color in your ensemble? Try a pair of big studs in the color of your choice!

 P.S. Foot Fabulosity