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DIY Project: Beer Cake


Okay guys, we don't want to leave you out of the crafting fun. So here's a fun beer cake to make for your groom for the bachelor party or to sip on as you're getting ready on the big day. Now, we know you're generally not a super crafty bunch so we're gonna keep this DIY very simple:

Step 1: Go out and buy a case of your groom's favorite cans of beer. While you're out, head to a craft store and pick up some ribbon that's about an inch wide. Also, find some duct tape. We know, this project just redeemed itself!

Step 2: Look around the house for a few random pieces of cardboard-- preferably NOT from a greasy pizza box. Cut three circles with diameters of 12-inches, 9-inches, and 6-inches out of the cardboard. These are rough measurements-- don't try to hard.

Step 3: Start with the largest piece of cardboard and arrange a bunch of beers on it in a circle. Use some duct tape to secure the beer to the cardboard. Then, arrange the ribbon around this layer and secure it with Scotch tape if you've got it -- otherwise, duct tape works)

Step 4: Then take the medium piece of cardboard and use duct tape to secure it to the beers on the bottom tier you've just created. Again, arrange a bunch of beers on this circle and use duct tape to secure the beer to this circle too. Again, circle it with ribbon.

Step 5. Follow the same instructions for the smallest circle and then top the cake with one beer. 

Step 6: Feel free to decorate with whatever you've got-- leftover wrapping supplies, drink umbrellas, etc. Your groom will totally appreciate the gesture.

Step 7: Bring your groom to the beer cake* and enjoy!

*This detail is important! Definitely bring your groom to the cake and NOT vice versa. We're 97% sure if you try to transport this bad boy you will end up with exploded beer cans on pavement and a very confused groom.


Voted Best Vest




When the run of the mill suit becomes too snoozy for you to look at, J. Crew brings a fresh new look for the groom on his big day: The suit vest. The suit vest is a fantastic alternative to the standard suit jacket. This cotton one from J. Crew is not only light and warm weather appropriate, but the overall feel is relaxed, much like you want your destination wedding. Style it as pictured, with a crisp white shirt rolled up at the sleeves, a loose tie, and a killer watch. All that's left to do is say, "I do!"

P.S. A Nod To Pocket Squares


Suits & Sneakers

Suits and Sneakers

A huge trend for grooms and their groomsmen in 2010, suits & sneakers offer a perfect balance between being formal without stuffy. Of course, no one complains about the comfort factor! 

Pretty in Pink: A Look We Love

We believe in designing weddings with unexpected elements that tie the whole event together. One of the ways to create a cohesive wedding is to use color throughout the ceremony, cocktail hour, reception and after party. Here are a few ideas for a beautiful pretty in pink wedding: 

1. Bridesmaid dresses to die for from J. Crew.


2. Modern, pale pink stationary from Oh So Beautiful Paper.

3. A playful bouquet with different hues of pink for added depth as seen here

4. An unexpected pop of pink peeping from the groomsmen's feet!

5. A pink signature cocktail to keep the guests' thirst quenched! 


6. Modern, funky snakeskin print napkin in a fresh deep pink hue.

7. Perhaps the most important thing- the wedding dress! Choose one in the slightest pale pink shade there is



P.S. Like Purple With A Mute Button



Gear for the Groomsmen

Stumped on how to dress your groomsmen and groom for a non-traditional destination wedding? Here is a look we love: 


Navy blazer for the groom, beachy attire for the guys.


Here we have the groomsmen wearing khakis and white button downs with flipflops. They look put together, and appropriate for a breezy beach wedding! The groom stands out and looks a little more formal (as he should) in a navy blazer and tie.

P.S. One for the Boys


Not-So-Ordinary Wedding Pictures

Not loving the traditionalist approach to wedding pictures? Here are some great props you can add to zush up your photos! 


1. Sunglasses- Don a pair for a picture or two to take your photos from traditional to rock & roll glam. 


2. Mustaches- Who says you're too old to play dress up?! We love this idea- it is anything but snoozy!




3. Skateboards- Yes, weddings are a serious affair, but we love the idea of a little play! Give your groomsmen skateboards and let them have at it!


P.S. When Pictures Aren't Enough


One for the Boys

Let's face it-- grooms don't always have a big say with the wedding planning. One great way to get your man involved is with his picking out his attire. Of course it's your big day but remember it's his too! And just like you want to look and feel your best on your big day, so does he! The nice thing about destination weddings is that the sky's the limit with attire options for men.

From casual Cuban Guayabera shirts...



... to beach-chic tan suits... 



... to a traditional tux.


 P.S. A gift For the Groom


A Book for the Grooms


Hey, Grooms! Want to help out with the wedding planning but not QUITE sure where to begin? Here is a funny, yet informative book that will fill you in on everything you need to know to make it to the altar in one piece! Click on the source link for more info.

P.S. For the Groom and A Gift from the Boudoir


Best Foot Forward


We love the idea of putting the groomsmen in converse. The black and white sneakers look so snazzy with the suits and ensure that while everyone looks fabulous, no one takes themselves too seriously and is comfortable enough to bust the move! The sneakers can double as a gift from the bride & groom- we love a functional gift!

P.S. Gear for the Groomsmen and Gifts for the Groomsmen