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Wedding Etiquette: Bring Gifts To A Destination Wedding?

My boyfriend and I were invited to a destination wedding in Italy this summer. This is our first destination wedding so we're not sure if we should bring a gift with us to Italy or do something else. Do you have any ideas or tips about what kind of gift to give for a destination wedding?

1. Find out if the couple is registered online. Usually they'll print their wedding website on their invitation or Save The Date, and their registry will be on their website. You can order something off the registry and have it sent directly to their house! The registry is great because all of their shipping information is already put in for you, so it's one less thing to worry about!

2. Is this a destination wedding? Some destination wedding couples have a honeymoon registry or a resort registry in lieu of a traditional registry. The honeymoon/resort registry might include a candlelit dinner on the beach, a couples' massage, manicure/pedicure, etc. 

3. A lot of people simply give money in a card and bring it to the reception. There is no "right" amount, as it varies culturally and socioeconomically. How much you give depends on what you feel is appropriate.

Our biggest piece of advice is not to travel with a gift, especially if this is a destination wedding because this will add to the baggage (and fees) the bride and groom will have to deal with in order to transport their gifts back home, and that could be a huge headache for them!


Rules of the Registry


It is tradition that the couple register for gifts when they get engaged. Of course, that doesn't mean you have to create a registry. But if you choose to, we understand it can be a harrowing experience- you find out all sorts of things about your spouse-to-be...like they have extremely specific requirements for the perfect plate...or they truly couldn't care less if they ate off of plasticware for the rest of their lives. Either way, here are some tips to make this experience super fun.


*Prepare Ahead of Time

You can create your registry as soon as you're engaged. Scan what you already own and discuss what you want to purge and what you want to keep. If neither of you have been thrilled with the quality of your silverware, discuss what elements are important to you (wide handle, weight of the silverware, dishwasher-safe, etc). Don't worry if you don't know what to register for- each store will have a suggested list of items on a typical registry and the suggested quantity of each. Feel free to use the list as a starting point and customize it to fit your needs. Also- bring a camera! This is a fun experience and you should have a little photo to put in the scrap book for later! 



If you don't care what name brand drill you two register for and he could care less about the color of the linens, delegate who chooses what ahead of time. This will save you from having these conversations in the store, and enable you to use your time efficiently.


*Vary The Price Points

Go ahead and register for the $500.00 vacuum. You never know. But also register for the $.99 cent turkey baster. Some people prefer to buy one big gift, and some people like to buy lots of "little" gifts. Other people like to pool their money to give gifts. Give people options.


*Buy Thank You Cards Ahead Of Time

While you're at the store creating your registry, buy your thank you cards ahead of time. Send the cards immediately after you receive a gift. You will start receiving gifts way before the wedding, and will continue to receive gifts way after the wedding. Try your best to stay on top of them. 



Not sure you want to face the crowds and the "registry specialists" of the stores? Hop online and create your registry. Some great places to register are Amazon, where you can register for virtually anything; Bed, Bath and Beyond, where you can register for the traditional gear; or Honeyfund, where you can register for guests to make donations to help you pay for your honeymoon or buy your first home! 

P.S. 2013 Wedding Gift Guide


Welcome Your Guests


Picture it. Your guests just got off a long flight, hopped in a taxi and have finally arrived at your wedding destination. They walk into their hotel room and there on the bed is a beautiful, personalized welcome bag with a note from the happy couple. Nothing is sweeter at that moment than to open up the bag and start the vacation they'll never forget!


Some great DIY ideas:


Start with a bag or container.


Dress it up with a sticker or stencil.


Fill it up with little gifts...

A heartfelt note

Schedule of events

Local information


Snacks (granola bar, trail mix, candy)

Mini water bottles


....and don't forget to add something to reflect the location. Getting married on the beach? Throw in a travel sized bottle of sunscreen. Getting married in New York City? Write your welcome note on a postcard featuring the Statue of Liberty. Getting married in wine country? Throw in a mini sized bottle of local wine.


What a wonderful way to welcome your guests! 

P.S. Out of Town Bag


Out Of Town Box


Guests feel like royalty when they travel into town and are immediately handed a special gift upon check-in. We love these Out of Town boxes with two bottles of water, snacks, and information about the town. It is such a sweet, personalized gesture from the bride & groom!

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Message In a Bottle




Send your a love a message in a bottle to express your love!! Have it delivered by your maid of honor or best man on the big day! Click on the source link above to learn more.

P.S. For the Groom and A Nod To Pocket Squares


Shade From the Sun


We all know how harmful the sun can be, yet we still want to enjoy the warmth! We love the idea of covering up a bit and enjoying the sun while on your destination wedding trip. A sun hat is a great way to shield your eyes and protect your face! Grab a bunch and put one in each gift bag! 

P.S. One More Thing to Make Our Lives Easier


Out of Town Bag


We are loving these reusable out of town gift bags for your guests. At only $2.50 per bag, you will surely have money left over to spend on great goodies. Fill it with local treats, a bottle of water, a pair of flip flops, sunscreen, and playing cards if your destination is tropical. Or, for colder climates, fill the bag with local treats, a bottle of water, a hat, and a scarf. And don't forget your schedule of events! Click on the source link for a direct link to the bag.

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Jewelry Dilemma 


A client recently asked what she should do for her husband who was not accustomed to wearing a ring because his line on work made wearing a ring unsafe. He wanted to wear something, but chancing losing a finger over a ring was extreme!


Our Answer: 

We suggested a chain necklace. This is something he can safely tuck under his shirt during work, and, like a ring, it would always remain on. Compromise!

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