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DIY Magnets from Instagram Photos

I made these magnets the other day from a couple of my instagram photos from my trip to Berlin and I thought it'd be a great gift idea to share here. They were pretty easy to make! 

You'll need: 

magnet paper



some pictures

editing program (I use photoshop)


How to Make Magnet Photos from Instagram Photos

1. Select your photos, and resize them so they're 2 inches by 2 inches. Make sure the dpi is 300 (this just means it'll be good quality for printing, and won't be grainy).

2. In your editing program, place the photos on a workspace that equals the size of your magnet paper. 

3. Print, and then cut the pictures out, leaving white space around as your border.


Love is Brewing 

I spotted this adorable DIY project the other day and I think it'd be so easy to recreate for the caffeine-loving couple. It's perfect for a destination wedding as it's a great little takeaway for guests to bring home from their exotic vacation! Bonus points if you get married in a country that produces awesome coffee like Mexico


At The End of The Night

The end of the reception is arguably the best part of a wedding. You're delightfully happy, those drinks have kicked in and maybe you're laughing a little louder than normal, memories have been made, your feet hurt from tearing up the dance floor and now it's time to eat (again). Here are a couple ideas to send your guests off at the end of the big day- I love this DIY bag idea for the candy table! 

Warm cookies and cold milk- the perfect combination.

A super cute DIY pie box.

What do you think? Will you send your guests off with a snack and a wave?


DIY Project: The Maid of Honor Speech

I love this idea. My maid of honor gave the BEST speech! I am so grateful to have it on DVD, but I fell in love with this idea when I saw it. Frame her speech with a picture of you and her together at the wedding. So beautiful!


DIY Holiday Decor for the Home

I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. There, I said it. I pin with a smirk on my face, like, "Yeah sure, I'll get right on "whipping up" a batch of these impossibly perfect looking cookies with 31 ingredients right after I tackle that DIY headboard made out of 2,394,281 wine corks." Anyone else? I feel like all these mini Martha Stewarts are mocking me with their fabulous DIY lifestyles. Then I stumbled upon a DIY project even *I* could do. Holiday printables. Genius. Print the thing, put it in a frame, call it a day. BOOM. Done and done. 


DIY: Winter White Nails


Winter brides: take a break from dark hues and go for something different! I love this winter white look. I used a no-name white polish and Orly's "Tiara". I did two coats of white on each finger and then, because the ring finger is special on your big day, added a swipe of Orly's glittery "Tiara" color. 

What do you think? Would you wear a winter white look?


DIY Project: Valentine's Nails


I did my nails the other day and thought I'd share the outcome with you all, as it may be what you need to amp up your Valentine's date night outfit! I used Chanel Dragon for the red, a random, no-name white polish, and Butter London's Matte top coat. I did two coats of red and let them dry for about 10 minutes. Then I added little polkadots (after experiementing with candycane stripes that were an epic fail, polkadots are the way to go, believe me!) and finished with a swipe of the matte top coat. Enjoy!


DIY Project: Bridal Party Necklaces

This project started with me dropping into this bead store I had passed several times. I had see this bride's post on a DIY pearl necklace and she made it seem pretty easy. I liked what she did, but I wanted something a little more polished. More creams and champagnes, less whites. An organized messy necklace. I parked my car, walked in, and oohed and ahhed my way through the store. The girl working there was about my age, and an accomplished jewelry designer. I showed her the aforementioned DIY pearl post and she picked out the beads I would need for what I wanted. It was not cheap, but I was hooked. I started stringing beads in the studio with the designer's help here and there. I went home, strung more. I went back to the store, strung more. Then I cut a few strands and started over. This lasted for about three months or so. Finally, I was finished. Here is the finished product:

When I was done, I thought maybe I should get some more beads and make the bridesmaids' necklaces as well. So, I showed the designer the red bridesmaid dress swatch and told her I wanted some golds, some champagnes, some reds. I wanted to make each bridesmaid a different necklace. I felt pretty confident in my necklace making skillz, so I picked out the beads myself and went to town. The designer was there for moral support for which I was so grateful! Here is one in the process:

This one took me about two months because it is really intricate. It's actually three wires of beads clustered together. I ended up scrapping it because I made it too short and I would've had to cut longer wires and started all over. It took me SO LONG to make it, too! GAHH!


This one is made of two simple beaded strands of amber glass beads and flat pearls (there's probably a more chic official name for them, but I don't remember), and then a longer wire strand with a wire wrapped bead dangling off.

This one is just a simple strand. The little rice pearls have holes cut at an angle so they cluster up really nicely.

This necklace took forever to make. It's a Y style necklace. There are about ten wire-wrapped beads that dangle off the ends.

This necklace is one really long strand. It is made with champagne rice pearls, little gold beads and champagne faceted czech something-or-others. (Make sure to write down what beads you use! Clearly I didn't!)

This is my MOH's necklace. I wanted hers to be completely different from everyone else's. She also likes chain necklaces so I felt like it was a win-win.

Here are my tips for making your own necklaces:

-Start at a bead store that offers free studio time. Consult with the designers because they are so good at what they do and have an eye for these types of things. They can help reassure you, guide you, and offer moral support. Also, they'll provide the tools you need (for free!) for wire-wrapping, attaching the clasps on, etc.

-Use wire instead of string. This will make your necklace more durable and less likely to break.

-Give yourself AMPLE time. I can't tell you how many times I strung, cut and restrung necklaces! I gave myself about a year and spent about two hours a week on these. I finished the last one about a week before my wedding.

-Have patience. Wire-wrapping (something you have to do if you want the beads to dangle, or clustered) is especially difficult for a first-time jewelry maker. You need to practice, practice, practice. And if all else fails, try, try again. (Another good reason to have the designer nearby!)

-Store the beads in plastic bags when you're not using them. Pearls and other beads can be crack, change color or break if they aren't taken care of.

-Try them on and take pictures. Consider what your bridesmaids will be wearing. Adjust the necklace design accordingly.

-On the big day, make sure to get lots of pictures!


DIY Project: Heart Shaped Rice Krispie Treats

Finding the perfect wedding favors can be a daunting task. You want something that speaks to you and your new spouse, but you don't want to $pend too much! This is a really sweet DIY idea: heart shaped rice krispie treats with a personalized label. All you do is make up a batch of rice krispies, use a heart shaped cookie cutter to cut them, and put them in a cellophane bag with a personalized label. Adorable and delicious! Click here for step-by-step instructions.

DIY Project: Back to Basics Centerpieces



It's easy to get lost in wedding world. You know, the place where the frills are the frilliest and all the colors match to the exact hue. It's the place where some brides start to crack under the pressure to create something amazing, over the top and unique. Today we want to encourage you to step away from wedding world, if just for a little bit, and bring it back to basics. Do a DIY project that is simple, clean, and functional like these water bottle centerpieces. Easy to make and even easier to use! It's a win-win for everyone, really.