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Polka Dot Nails

If you're bored with snoozy plain colored nails, switching it up for spring can be a welcomed change. I tried the trend using white polish as a base. I waited for it to dry, then added small dots of different colors. It's definitely a change from the norm for me, but I liked that it was subtle yet unexpected. Would you try it for spring? 


DIY Iridescent Nails

Here's an easy DIY nail tutorial for an updated take on the classic nail. Take any color, and paint two coats. I used a simple pink by Essie. Then take a fluffy eyeshadow brush and dip it into any shimmery eyeshadow. Brush on the cuticle and tops of the nail (don't press too hard). The nails should be NEARLY dry, but not totally dry. 

Go over the nails with a clear top coat. Your nails should have an iridescent, shimmery look. We love it!



Nails and Rings

My good friend was over to my house the other day and we were getting ready for a girls' night out (woohoo!). I noticed she had one nail on each hand painted a hot pink color- a bright contrast to her other dark nails and I loved it! After taking a picture, I also noticed that she wears her engagement ring on her left hand and her wedding ring on her right hand. Just goes to show you there are no rules when it comes to nail polish and rings- wear whatever you like, however you like!

Can we also stop for a moment to appreciate the awesomeness that is her wedding ring? It's one gold band with a thin eternity row of pave diamonds set into one edge. Love.


Blue Nails with a Twist

Here's a new take on blue nails that we love. It's a matte color with regular nail polish drops on top. The end result is sleek, different and yet simple. I used Chanel Blue Satin for the color, and went over it with Butter London's Matte finish. Then I added a few dots of Chanel Blue Satin on top and let it dry. Easy peasy! 


DIY Nails: Pink with Purple Polka Dots

When plain ol' pink just won't due, get a little dotty with purple polka dots! Perfect for a whimsical bride on her big day! I used colors from Essie (a pink one whose name tag was ripped off and a purple one called Lilacism).  did two coats of pink, letting it dry completely. Then, I did the purple dots. The key to the dots is to use the point of the brush and push lightly for a small dot and a with a little more force for a larger dot. Once it dries completely, finish with a top coat!


DIY: Winter White Nails


Winter brides: take a break from dark hues and go for something different! I love this winter white look. I used a no-name white polish and Orly's "Tiara". I did two coats of white on each finger and then, because the ring finger is special on your big day, added a swipe of Orly's glittery "Tiara" color. 

What do you think? Would you wear a winter white look?