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DIY Iridescent Nails

Here's an easy DIY nail tutorial for an updated take on the classic nail. Take any color, and paint two coats. I used a simple pink by Essie. Then take a fluffy eyeshadow brush and dip it into any shimmery eyeshadow. Brush on the cuticle and tops of the nail (don't press too hard). The nails should be NEARLY dry, but not totally dry. 

Go over the nails with a clear top coat. Your nails should have an iridescent, shimmery look. We love it!



A Walk Among The Stars


Oh Martha, you get me every time! I'm loving the latest DIY project from Martha Stewart Weddings. It's a fabulous sparkly star aisle runner and it's super easy (and cheap!) to make. And, the instructions ("Sprinkle glitter over paper stars and tape them down the aisle for a radiant runner") sound like something you'd hear during an elementary school art class. So fun!


DIY Project: Invitation Ornament

What a beautiful way for newlyweds to celebrate your first Christmas together. My cousin's wife found the idea of Pintrest (Do you all use that? I can't figure it out!) and here is my friend's end result. Pretty, right? It's such a great alternative to putting your invite in an album! Bonus? It's super easy to do.


-your invitation (a save the date could work to, or ever a newspaper article of your engagement/wedding)

-a clear ornament ($6 for 12!)


1. Cut your invite into strips.

2. Tightly roll the strips up into little coils. They will unravel once they're in the ornament.

3. Insert the coiled strips into the ornament and hang on yo' tree.

4. Eat, drink, and be married! :)


DIY Colorful Pom Pom Decor


Perfect (and lightweight enough!) to travel with from Home to Destination, these pom poms will add instant joy to your ceremony or reception locale. The DIY Steps are pretty simple, and I can see them lining anything from a Mexican reception hall to a Colorado barn-- the possibilities are endless!


Have A Happy Weekend



Flashy Entrances and Exits by brides and grooms.

Take some fashion tips from Russia's street style.

Rainbow tipped hair for the funky brides.

Who knew gold lamé could look so cute?

Feast your eyes upon Vanessa Minnillo's engagement ring and wedding band.

DIY abstract art.

Pretty nails with a glitter splash.


Have a Dancey Weekend


Current catchy song on repeat on my ipod.

Easy DIY wedding hair tutorial.

Tricep inspiration: 1st lady does push ups with an 80 year old.

Geek chic for your laptop.

The other royal wedding.

The most genius website for finding out what to read next.

What do you all think of ombre hair

Chocolate cupcake recipe with protein powder that got rave reviews.

Feel-good documentary I recently watched about a coach in the inner city.

Short and sweet readings for your ceremony.



Have a Fashionable Weekend!





Salvador Dali and Coco Chanel hanging out.

Hope to drink some of this to beat the heat.

What would you have done in this situation? 

Love these strappy suits for a destination wedding.

DIY pie jars...genius.

Feathers and leather- would you wear that?

Literally, this is such a good comic. Like, literally.

Beautiful pendant necklaces.

36 hrs in Bologna.



DIY Project: Turntable Wedding Invitations


Here’s a truly novel idea in the world of wedding invitations! We love this idea of creating an invitation that doubles as a record player-- especially for you music-loving couples out there. Guests receive an invitation package which they must assemble to be a record player and 45rpm record which features a song chosen by the couple (or in this case, performed by the couple). This definitely isn’t a DIY for the faint of heart. In fact, this particular project requires a lot of know-how and a little bit of help, but we have 100% faith in you. Really. Find out how to make it happen here. Good luck!


Planning Your Programs


There are a number of innovative ways you can provide your guests with the programs to your ceremony. Having an outdoor wedding? Print them on fans so guests can stay informed and stay cool. Getting hitched on the beach? Roll your programs up and put them in bottles to really set the scene. Whatever you choose to do, make sure that your programs have all the vital information needed. 

-Do list the ceremony's order of events starting at the very beginning and ending with The Kiss. 

-Do include the symbolism behind any traditions that you choose to include

-If you're hoping guests will participate in an aspect of the ceremony (ex. singing a song), include the necessary information they'll need (lyrics)

Other information to consider: 

-Significance of the location of the ceremony/reception

-The bride's something old, something new, something borrowed & something blue

-The names of the wedding party and how they know the bride/groom



DIY Project: Wine Bottle Candles

Okay, this DIY Project is for all of you DIY-impaired folks out there! It's the simplest, easiest centerpiece idea EVER. And it creates such a gorgeous look-- perfect for a vineyard wedding-- that you'll feel pretty darn good about doing it yourself.

1. First, we have to assemble the materials: Clear wine bottles and taper candles. Depending on the size of your tables, you will need between 10 and 15 bottles per table-- which is a lot. You can get these by asking friends and family to save their white wine bottles for you. Or, try asking a wine shop if you can help dispose of their empties for them. The other thing you need to pick up is long taper candles. Be aware that dripless candles will be cleaner and eliminate any accidental drips onto your table cloth. However, candles that drip down onto the bottle will help to create an intimate and vintage feel. You also have the option of picking up some spray paint if you want to add a pop of color to your bottles. 

2. The next step is to get all of those labels off of your bottles. Do this by filling your bathtub with warm water and a bit of dish soap. Add your bottles and let them soak for a few hours. Most labels should fall right off but the stubborn ones can be removed with a scrubby sponge, nail brush, or spatula. Finish the bottles with a Windex wipe to get the last remnants of the label off. 

3. (Optional) If you would like to paint your bottles, first make sure they are clean and dry. Then, in a well-ventilated area, apply the spray paint from about 14-inches away, slowly moving around the bottle so you get an even coat. Repeat if desired. Let the bottles dry for 24 hours.

4. The last step is just to pop those tapered candles into the top of the wine bottles. You may have to twist the candles in to get them safely stuck into the bottles. For visual depth, you can cut the bottoms of the candles so that they are different lengths. And voila-- you have a gorgeous centerpiece that bring simple sophistication to your wedding!