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Dessert Table Happiness


Candy tables have been a huge trend at weddings over the recent years, but what do you do if you prefer cupcakes over jelly beans and cookies over gum drops? Have a dessert table instead! 

Tips for a dessert table: 

*Offer mini-desserts. This will ensure guests get to sample the selection without getting stuffed. 

*Offer five or six options and stick with a theme. You still want your desserts to be cohesive with your decor- after all, a dessert table is a huge part of your decor. Use frosting colors, patterned packaging, and serving trays/stumps/boxes that will bring the whole look together.

*DIY couples: Start gathering materials early! Search flea markets and yard sales for serving platters and serving spoons. 


Key Lime Deliciousness


If you're planning to get married in the Florida Keys, your guests will definitely be expecting Key Lime Pie! This delicious dessert with a key lime bottom and a meringue top is a local favorite. Having been invented in Key West in the late 19th century, Key Lime Pie has since become a local delicacy and no trip to the Keys would be complete without trying it. Although you may see pies that have been dyed green with food coloring, authentic pies will have a pale yellow bottom layer. Why not take your love of Key Lime Pie one step further and use this delectable sweet as a basis for your wedding color palate? Pale yellow for the key limes, white for the meringue, and light brown for the crust. Mmm mmm good!

P.S. Or Let Them Eat Cupcakes!



Top Tier Decor



There are so many areas to decorate when it comes to a wedding and the top tier of your cake is no exception! Whether you want something traditional or contemporary, there is something for you in the world of cake toppers. We love this whimsical one of these two on a bike!



Sweet Tooth Satisfaction


Want to do something a little different when it comes to dessert time at your wedding? Consider a candy buffet! Choose your favorite sweets in statement-making colors and make any sweet tooth's dream come true! Offer goodie bags and let your guests pick their own favorites to save for later. Instant satisfaction! 





P.S. I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream...


Let Them Eat Cupcakes!

Don't feel like serving cake at your wedding? Then let them eat cupcakes! We LOVE the idea of serving cupcakes at your wedding and you don't have to sacrifice style or design to have them. Check out these super-cute cupcake displays:

Classic, elegant cupcakes:



Garden fairytale cupcakes:



Fun and flirty cupcakes:



Cutesy portable cupcakes:



And just think of how sweet your taste testing will be??? Mmmm... Happy tasting!

P.S. Cake Topper Photos or Have Your Cake (And Make It Look Pretty Too)