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A Fruity Affair

Flowers are pretty. But they're not your only option for creating a beautiful centerpiece. Here's a simple, eye-catching, and cheap alternative: fruit. Just find a fruit that will be in season at your destination and find a simple way to showcase them. Here are some of our faves:


 Drop your favorite citrus fruits into a funky vase for a zesty, clean look.



Arrange fall fruits in a wooden crate for a gorgeous harvest-inspired look.



Dress up a pineapple for a centerpiece that will get the attention it deserves.



Faux Flowers


Getting married away? How about bringing your flowers with you? While some brides are lucky enough to find a dependable florist near their wedding locale, not everyone is that lucky. Some locations are either too remote or too... how shall we say it... undependable to be able to count on a local florist. So what's a flower-loving bride to do?? Bring them with you! There are some great companies online who can design gorgeous faux flower bouquets and decorative arrangements-- and usually at a fraction of the price of real flowers. You pick the flower type, the color, and the type of arrangement and let your faux florist do the rest!


Here are a few tips to avoid any surprises:

1. Order in advance

Since faux flowers don't die, there's no harm in ordering them far in advance. That way, if they aren't quite the right shade of fuchsia or if they get damaged in transit, you still have time to send them back to be replaced.

2. Shell out the money for a sample

It's hard to tell over the computer whether those roses are really the peach you want or a light pink impostor. Most of these faux flower companies will send you a sample of your flower if you pay for it. Trust us, the peace of mind is worth it!

3. Don't skimp on quality

Faux flower companies have flowers ranging from basic craft store quality all the way up to one that are virtually indistinguishable from real flowers to the human eye. Do yourself a favor, pick flowers from the high end of the quality scale. You'll be glad you did...


Destination weddings create a unique conundrum regarding flowers

P.S. A Twist on the Toss


Sensational Centerpieces


The destination DIY bride usually wants a centerpiece that is hassle-free, easy to transport, and makes a statement. Check out the centerpiece above. How simple is that?! Bring your own candles in a color that matches your wedding palate, and collect local flowers at your destination (you could also use seashells or river rocks, or bring a cluster of feathers as well). You could use martini glasses from the venue and voila- A beautiful yet easy centerpiece! 

P.S. Centerpieces done with Simplicity


Decor with Flameless Candles



Yep, you read that right- flameless candles! What a miracle for savvy brides everywhere! They are battery operated, so fire hazard they are not. You could put them in holders and hand them from the ceiling for soft, romantic light. You sould use them as centerpieces, in the bathrooms, at the ceremony site... the possibilities are endless. To top it off, they are made of wax and some even come scented, so they look and smell like your regular candle! Seriously, a miracle!

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