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Bridal Leg Warmers...No, We're Not Kidding



If you're getting married in the fall or winter, take a page out of this bride's book! The bride, who is a dancer, kept warm and cozy with some fuzzy white legwarmers. This is a great option for staying warm, and the best part is if you work up a sweat on the dance floor, you can just whip 'em right off! Leg warmers for the win!



When it comes to the wedding, there are usually many occasions to "dress" for. Obviously you have the big day, and you know what you'll wear. But what will you wear to the bridesmaid brunch or on your way to the honeymoon? Here are our suggestions:

Bridesmaid Brunch


Bridesmaid Brunch by jettingtothewedding on Polyvore.com

Gear for the Groomsmen

Stumped on how to dress your groomsmen and groom for a non-traditional destination wedding? Here is a look we love: 


Navy blazer for the groom, beachy attire for the guys.


Here we have the groomsmen wearing khakis and white button downs with flipflops. They look put together, and appropriate for a breezy beach wedding! The groom stands out and looks a little more formal (as he should) in a navy blazer and tie.

P.S. One for the Boys


Ruffles and Glitter and Bows, Oh My!

Don't forget about the flower girl! What will she wear on your big day? There are so many cute options at J. Crew right now. Check out the pieces we love below.


How adorable is this flower crown?!


Also loving these little ballet flats with bows. She will look SO adorable walking down the aisle!



And, of course, the dress. We love the ruffles at the top. 

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Matchy Matchy

Nowadays brides are straying from the traditional perfectly matching bridesmaids dresses and getting great results! Brides who still want a look of uniformity can choose a fabric and a color but give their bridesmaids a choice of which style or cut they prefer:




This works particularly well when you have bridesmaids with different body shapes. Because let's be honest-- a pear-shaped bridesmaid may not look good in the same thing as a celery-shaped bridesmaid.


Another option is to pick a color and let your bridesmaids find their own dresses. The only downside is that 'charcoal gray' or 'sky blue' could be interpreted differently by each one of your bridesmaids. But if you're cool with that, it just might come out looking amazing:




If you want to get really adventurous, you could always tell your bridesmaids to wear whatever they want. Or give them some guidance like 'bold colors' or 'pastels' and see what happens. You just might be shocked by how great it ends up meshing together.




What do you think? Will you let your bridesmaids pick their dresses or will you go matchy matchy for your wedding?

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Guest Attire Issues


When it comes to your guests, people like to know what they should wear. Is it your biggest fear that one of your friends will show up in an all white sparkly frock because she just didn't know any better? Are you going for a black tie look? All white attire? Or maybe you're having a themed wedding and want everyone to show up dressed as their favorite superhero! (This was an actual wedding theme-we read about it taking place in Maine!) 


Whatever the case may be, here are some tips to ensure that no one wears flip flops when you want them in dress shoes: 


1. Determine the formality of your wedding, and include it on the invitation by writing "Black Tie", "Black Tie Optional", "Creative Tie", "Superhero Theme", etc. at the bottom. **Do NOT define these terms. Refer the guests to your wedding website, and define the terms on your wedding website.


2. If there are specific people you are concerned about, enlist someone close to that person to gently ask what they'll be wearing. If the answer is not what you envision (i.e.. your mother-in-law plans on wearing a long white dress similar to the one you chose), have the person suggest they wear something else. 


3. Stay realistic. You can try all you want to control every single aspect of your day including what people choose to wear, but guests may not always follow suit (literally). And if everyone else is wearing tuxedos except for Uncle Joe, who is wearing a wrinkly linen ensemble, then the joke's on him, and you'll look back on it years from now and have a good laugh. The most important thing is that you marry the one you love. 

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Beach Feet

Getting married on the beach? Just because you'll be in the sand doesn't mean you have to forsake stunning shoes! Check out these beach-worthy beauties that will compliment your wedding dress, and give an unexpected (but welcome) pop of color: 

Let your true colors shine in these pink pretties. 

These wedges give the illusion of a heel when worn, and the blue stripes qualify as your something blue!

Let your inner Greek Goddess shine with these strappies from J. Crew.


*All photos from www.ShopStyle.com

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Best Foot Forward


We love the idea of putting the groomsmen in converse. The black and white sneakers look so snazzy with the suits and ensure that while everyone looks fabulous, no one takes themselves too seriously and is comfortable enough to bust the move! The sneakers can double as a gift from the bride & groom- we love a functional gift!

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A Gift for the Bride




How cute are these just married bathing suits? Perfect for the destination bride on her honeymoon!! Click the source link above to grab one for your bride today!


Celebrity Bride Inspiration: Giuliana Ranic


Destination bride Giuliana Rancic  married in the island of Capri, in Italy. She kept her look very classic with a long veil, swept up hair, bare neck and strapless ball down. The makeup was very natural, with a hint of blush, a shimmer of lip gloss and long lashes. A timeless look!

P.S. Celebrity Bride Inspiration: Eva Longoria