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Real Destination Weddings: Avery & Alex in Slovenia

Guess what?? We are launching a real destination wedding gallery section on our site that will inspire our readers and we couldn't think of a better way to start than with a glimpse into Avery and Alex's stunning May wedding in Slovenia! This wedding set is super romantic, complete with lush greenery, breathtaking views and a one thousand year old castle venue that makes our heart skip a beat. The castle even comes complete with a sweet tradition: in order to ensure a long and happy marriage, a groom must carry his bride up all 99 stairs of the castle. Now that's love! Check out the complete set of wedding photos here, and read on as the bride answers our burning questions about her big day:

Location of your wedding: Bled, Slovenia

With regards to ambiance and decor, what style or theme were you going for?

 Simple, classic, elegant. We used white, yellow and grey. We wanted the beauty of the place to be the focus, so we used decor as accents rather than big, focal pieces. And lots of candles!


What was one of your favorite wedding details and why?

In a fun, frivolous way: I (desperately!) loved my shoes! They matched my sapphire engagement ring and both our wedding bands have sapphires as well. They were my only real splurge (and my something blue!) for the day and they made me feel a little glam :) I wear them around the house on a regular basis...

 In a more serious way: I wore a vintage lace veil that my mother-in-law wore when she married my late father-in-law (whom I've never met), and that my sister-in-law wore at her wedding. My engagement ring was made from my grandmother's sapphire and my mother's diamonds and I was obviously wearing that too. I felt like I was wearing family history from my side and my husband's side and I found that really moving.

Did you have any funny wedding mishaps?

Ha! So we had our wedding at a thousand year old castle, there was bound to be some hiccups. My sister-in-law (who was the "best man") ended up getting locked in the bathroom for about a half hour....there were only thirty-five people at the wedding, so luckily it didn't take us long to figure out she was missing! After repeated attempts to unlock the door using a key (fail), an employee of the hotel had to break the window to get her out, to much cheering and a well-deserved cocktail! Perhaps this is why women always go to the bathroom in pairs?

What was your favorite wedding moment?

This is a mean question, there are too many to choose from! But I loved our ceremony--we wrote it to be a balance of humor and a very serious acknowledgement of what we were doing, so it was both fun and serious. We really wanted our guests to feel involved in the wedding, so at the end of the ceremony, instead of our officient pronouncing us married, we had all of our guests pronounce us husband and wife. There was so much love, support and enthusiasm in their collective words, it felt like the perfect way to end the ceremony, have a kiss, and start the party!


What is one piece of advice you would offer brides now that you've been through the process?

You can't control everything! It might rain, someone will definitely say something totally inappropriate, someone will bump into you and you will spill your drink (stay away from red wine!), someone will probably fall down, at least one of your guests will get too drunk, your table settings might not look exactly like you thought they would, your groom might try to put your ring on the wrong hand, someone might get locked in the bathroom, your sound system might break down... Those are the things that end up being funny, they become part of what makes the day unique and memorable. In the end, it doesn't matter. The important things will still happen (read: the man or woman you love will be standing there and you will be marrying each other.) As ridiculously cheesy as it sounds, the rest of it is just icing on the cake, so take a deep breath and try to remember what's really important- it's supposed to be a celebration of you and your partner!

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